Breastfeeding Support Inc. is a company specializing in Pregnancy and Post-partum Education to support breastfeeding. We help pregnant and new mothers learn how to be have a satisfactory and successful breast-feeding experience. Even if this is not your first child, we can provide support and individual evaluation through the following services:

*Evaluate your baby’s weight, before and after feedings, to see how much milk your baby is getting

*Assessment on feeding position or difficult latching

*Mother and baby physical assessment

*Sore nipples

*Sleepy baby

*Alternative feeding methods and tools

*How to improve low milk supply

“Breastfeeding is an invaluable gift”

The first moment you and your baby get to know each other is though skin contact and breastfeeding. Once this link of love is established, you start to learn and recognize your baby’s cues and needs.

With proper information and support, you will find the best breastfeeding position for your infant, how to reduce the discomfort while feeding and ways to support enough milk production. You will recognize your maternal instincts and realize that breastfeeding is a normal and natural process.

Benefits for Baby

50% less Ear infections

27% less Asthma

39% less Diabetes

19% less Infant Leukemia

36% less SIDS

Benefits for Mom

28% less Breast Cancer

21% less Ovarian Cancer

12% less Diabetes

Will also help you lose weight and regain your figure

*By the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP, March 1, 2013.


I have 20 years of experience working educating mothers to promote healthier families, communities and for a better society. 

We offer affordable prices and in many cases your medical insurance may cover the services. For more information please contact us:

Phone: (562) 922-1474

E-mail: Breastfeedhelp@yahoo.com